Cross-Country Race

Cross-Country Race


a race on foot, skis, bicycles, or motorcycles or by automobile across a naturally rugged terrain. The cross-country race provides athletic training for individuals and teams. Cross-country is an event in the modern pentathlon and part of the Ready for Labor and Defense training program and the Military Athletic Program of the Armed Forces of the USSR. It fortifies health, strengthens the body, and stimulates all-around physical development.

The first cross-country race to be regarded as a sports competition was held in London in 1867; the Russians held their first race in 1909 (Moscow, distance 5 km). In the USSR the cross-country race is a popular form of athletic competition. Several cross-country races are held annually: the All-Union Trade Union and Komsomol (since 1941), the Pravda International (since 1962; 2 km for women, 5 km for men), the Soviet Republics’, and the USSR Championship (8 and 12–14 km for men, 2 and 3 km for women). Among the international cross-country races held in other countries, the best known are the Cross-country Meet of Nations (since 1903; individual and team competitions for men, 10–15 km) and the Humanité Cross-Country Meet (since 1933; individual and team competitions, 2 km for women, 8–10 km for men). Frequent winners of the international and all-Union cross-country races include S. I. Znamenskii, G. I. Znamenskii, F. K. Vanin, A. A. Pugachevskii, V. P. Kuts, P. G. Bolotnikov, and N. G. Otkalenko.

Bicycle (since 1936), motorcycle (since 1937), and automobile (since 1951) cross-country championships of the USSR, as well as the V. P. Chkalov All-Union Motorcycle Cross-country Race (held in Moscow every winter since 1939), are held annually in the USSR.


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Next to set off will be the 12-kilometre cross-country race for those 18 and over, with a e1/415 registration fee.
Also, when not required as a safety net it could accommodate consolation races for the big handicaps, with a veterans' chase and the cross-country race as the centrepiece, perhaps with enhanced prize-money.
In his first cross-country race in five years, he was beaten by two seconds by American Garrett Heath, who won in 25:29.
TRAINER Martin Keighley is thinking of campaigning Any Currency in France after the 12-year-old took the runner-up spot in the cross-country race at the Cheltenham Festival for the second successive season.
Cheserek hasn't lost a cross-country race since finishing fourth at the Pre-Nationals meet last Oct.
Kerfoot-Robson, who started from 55th position on the grid for the individual cross-country race, worked his way through the field to achieve a highly creditable 10th place less than 24 hours after he was a member of the four-strong British team that finished 10th in the team relay.
He had won his last four races prior to the National, one of which was in a French cross-country race last September.
Fresh from prison, framed for a crime he did not commit, street racer Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul), is hell bent on settling the score and faces the ultimate cross-country race in high-octane super cars with a bounty on his head from his powerful rival (Dominic Cooper).
And Andrew Young was the highestplaced British athlete in the men's 15m classic cross-country race, coming 37th.
Chrissie Wellington put on her Birmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon Club (BRAT) vest again and competed in an eight-mile cross-country race in Rubery.
Yesterday's opening day card went ahead 35 minutes later after a mid-morning inspection and the loss of the cross-country race.
Emily Stewart, like Murray a member of Edinburgh AC, is at Newcastle University and she returned to her studies 24 hours after producing an eye-catching performance against world class opposition in the international 3k cross-country race at Holyrood Park.

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