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an arrow having a four-edged head, fired from a crossbow

What does it mean when you dream about a quarrel?

A quarrel in a dream often suggests an inner conflict over ideas and values. Alternatively, one may feel burdened by a person in authority.


A small pane of glass, usually diamond-shaped or square-shaped and set diagonally; framed and held in place by slender, grooved strips of lead (cames).


If you are quarreling or arguing in your dream you may be experiencing some inner conflict. The quarrel may reflect your own inability to resolve important issues, ideas, or values. Most likely, you may be experiencing ongoing difficulty with making decisions, cannot accept authority, or you may have carried an argument from your daily life into your dream. Very old dream interpretation books say that quarreling is a dream of the contrary and that you will have peace and harmony with your loved ones.
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The tendency for a crossbow bolt to remain in situ appears to limit catastrophic haemorrhage despite the involvement of major vessels.
Because of its compact size, the Ultimate Steel works well on crossbow bolts.
The drunk father-of-two had indiscriminately fired crossbow bolts and called for police to shoot him, an inquest at Newton Aycliffe heard.
Montana makes no provision for handicapped archers, but allows crossbow bolts to be fired during gun seasons.
Rage Simply Lethal crossbow bolts are available in 20- and 22-inch lengths and topped with 100-grain CrossbowX mechanical broadheads.
One of the crossbow bolts had gone through the trachea, causing significant difficulty in breathing.
The father-of-two was drunk and had indiscriminately fired crossbow bolts and had called for police to shoot him, an inquest at Newton Aycliffe has heard.
A police search of Griffiths's flat yielded 30 knives, two crossbows, crossbow bolts, books on serial killers and shelves full of sick horror DVDs.
Keith Richards, 47, was killed after firing crossbow bolts from his window at neighbouring houses in the early hours after getting drunk.
As with compound arrows, more expensive crossbow bolts have better straightness tolerances and other features.
A DEPRESSED County Durham man shot dead by a police marksman after firing crossbow bolts was not unlawfully killed, a coroner has ruled.
Other animals to be shot with crossbow bolts (shown right) include a seagull in Rhyl, North Wales, in March 2007; a three-year-old cat called Sooty who survived a 6in bolt in the back in Holyhead in September 2008 and a dog called Beau who was shot twice in the head in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, in July 2007.