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see bow and arrowbow and arrow,
weapon consisting of two parts; the bow is made of a strip of flexible material, such as wood, with a cord linking the two ends of the strip to form a tension from which is propelled the arrow; the arrow is a straight shaft with a sharp point on one end and
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After a long and careful crossbow development process, we are pleased to be building a company in the Commonwealth
Before giving its final approval, the Board adopted an amendment that prohibits the use of magnifying scopes for crossbows and archery equipment during the archery deer and bear seasons.
Barnett, for instance, has different models for different crossbows.
crossbows "will attract firearms bunters lo the early archery season equal to ).
Crossbows have a much higher draw weight than vertical bows, but even so, the recoil of the bow is far less than that of a firearm.
Also check out the Titan HLX, likely the best crossbow value available.
The third essential step is to let the Pennsylvania Game Commission Board know how you feel about crossbows in archery season.
In addition to being awkward, crossbows tended to be heavy, and bow makers have found several solutions.
With a 175-pound draw weight and 14 1/2-inch power stroke, the Axiom is capable of firing bolts in excess of 300 fps, and its 6-pound mass weight places it among the lightest crossbows in its class.
Michigan DNR spokesperson Mary Dettloff said the decision to allow crossbows was the result of requests from hunters and wildlife managers looking to reduce the state's booming deer herd and increase participation.
The first year crossbows were legal in Virginia, we sold 504 crossbows," Dance said.