crossbar switch

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crossbar switch

[′krȯs‚bär ‚swich]
A switch having a three-dimensional arrangement of contacts and a magnet system that selects individual contacts according to their coordinates in the matrix.
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Crossbar Switch


a relay-type switching device, used primarily in urban, rural, and long-distance automatic crossbar exchanges and automatic telegraph offices. This switch can make up to 20 connections simultaneously; the location of each connection is determined by the crosspoints of movable vertical and horizontal bars.


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crossbar switch

An earlier telephone switch. First used in the late 1930s, it was a mechanical device that used magnets and metal bars (crossbars) to close connections. Crossbar switches have been replaced with electronic switches (large-scale, specialized computer systems). See ESS and DMS. See also physical layer switch.
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The company's top-of-the-line Utah-400 288R video router is shipping with Mindspeed's M21170 crosspoint switch at its core.
For high-speed data transfer, the airborne system utilizes 32 x 32 non-blocking crosspoint switch matrices and the ANSI Fiber Channel standard (FC-P/92-001R2.2 physical and X3T9.3/92-007 signaling), providing a 53-MB/sec throughput.
MACOM's 160x160 M21605G-12 crosspoint switch combines multi-rate broadcast video routing and switching in a single device, with each switching path operating independently at any data rate of up to 12.8 Gbps.
A 32X16 video crosspoint switch from Intersil Corporation integrates a DC-restore clamp on each video input to eliminate black-level fluctuation, providing correctly balanced composit video with fewer external components.
Mindspeed Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:MSPD), a supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, announced on Monday (8 June) that Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Huawei), a provider of telecom network solutions, has selected Mindspeed's M21156 retiming crosspoint switch for use within its transport product line.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 11, 2011-Harris integerates Mindspeed's crosspoint switch technology into Selenio platform(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
National Semiconductor recently announced a new 2X2 crosspoint switch, the SCAN90CP02, which includes 1149.1 and 1149.6 testability features.
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NBSG72A, a Silicon Germanium (SiGe) based, high-bandwidth, fully differential crosspoint switch with output level select capabilities.
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Agilent Technologies's HDMP-3268 non-blocking crosspoint switch IC is a 68 X 68 port device designed to route data in high-performance core network equipment such as optical cross-connects, add-drop multiplexers, backplane interconnects for large Fibre Channel and ATM switches, and scalable optical switch fabrics.