crossbar switch

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crossbar switch

[′krȯs‚bär ‚swich]
A switch having a three-dimensional arrangement of contacts and a magnet system that selects individual contacts according to their coordinates in the matrix.

Crossbar Switch


a relay-type switching device, used primarily in urban, rural, and long-distance automatic crossbar exchanges and automatic telegraph offices. This switch can make up to 20 connections simultaneously; the location of each connection is determined by the crosspoints of movable vertical and horizontal bars.


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crossbar switch

An earlier telephone switch. First used in the late 1930s, it was a mechanical device that used magnets and metal bars (crossbars) to close connections. Crossbar switches have been replaced with electronic switches (large-scale, specialized computer systems). See ESS and DMS. See also physical layer switch.
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MACOM's 160x160 M21605G-12 crosspoint switch combines multi-rate broadcast video routing and switching in a single device, with each switching path operating independently at any data rate of up to 12.
The company's top-of-the-line Utah-400 288R video router is shipping with Mindspeed's M21170 crosspoint switch at its core.
According to Susan Eustis, lead author of the WinterGreen Research team that prepared the Digital Crosspoint Switches and Buffers market research study, "With breakthrough 10 Gbps port capacity, the next generation digital crosspoint switch devices enable a next generation level of performance and architectural options for higher density system designs.
Mindspeed Technologies Inc (Nasdaq:MSPD), a supplier of semiconductor solutions for network infrastructure applications, announced on Monday (8 June) that Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Huawei), a provider of telecom network solutions, has selected Mindspeed's M21156 retiming crosspoint switch for use within its transport product line.
160 x 160 Crosspoint Switch Delivers Two Terabits per Second Switching Capacity for Broadcast Video and High-Speed Telecommunications Systems
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The crosspoint switch supports today's 3G-SDI requirements and the more demanding needs of tomorrow's 4K and 8K broadcast video formats, as well as high-speed telecommunications protocols.
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Industry's First Crosspoint Switch to Challenge Conventional Design Parameters in High Density, High-Speed Applications
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delivering innovative technologies that link people and networks worldwide, today announced CS4322/23, the industry's first quad KR compliant PHY with integrated crosspoint switch.