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We have got a great crosssection of goods; that's one of the things the judges picked up on," said Nigel.
Figures from the Office for National Statistics, which cover a wide crosssection of workers, had wage growth at just 0.
The summit is a day-long forum for individuals and companies, from a crosssection of industries to come together and share their wisdom, ideas, experiences and future aspirations.
There are scout groups, guide groups, preschools, youth clubs, football teams, disability support groups, pensioners' groups and many more, a fantastic crosssection of the community projects striving to make life better in Coventry and Warwickshire.
Then it developed into the concept of a controlled portrait of a festival, with some of the crowd, roadies, security, a real crosssection of the weekend.
More than 13 million people stay in the company's hotels each year Shakila Ahmed, from Travelodge, said: "From keys to a Bugatti, Harry Potter's original wand, a micro pig, breast implants to a script from a well-known British soap programme, our customers' left-behinds demonstrate what a crosssection of people stay in our 527 hotels.
The considerable number of pictures give both an idea of the terrain involved and a crosssection of the individuals who served there.
Mehdi Hassan sang the compositions of a crosssection of poets but some of his best songs reflected the work of Mir Taqi Mir, Mirza Ghalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
Wehavegotthebesttrainers in England, and a wide crosssection.
The survey was conducted through telephone interviews with a crosssection of emigrants in terms of gender, age, place of origin in Ireland and destination abroad.
It is not one select group trying to protect their interests - a crosssection of Merseyside medics think the proposed legislation will damage the health service beyond repair.