Cryogenic Pump

cryogenic pump

[‚krī·ə′jen·ik ′pəmp]
A high-speed vacuum pump that can produce an extremely low vacuum and has a low power consumption; to reduce the pressure, gases are condensed on surfaces within an enclosure at extremely low temperatures, usually attained by using liquid helium or liquid or gaseous hydrogen. Also known as cryopump.

Cryogenic Pump


a condensate-removal or sorption vacuum pump whose pumping action is based on absorption of the gas being pumped by a surface cooled to extremely low temperatures (below 0.5°K). Cryogenic pumps provide a vacuum in a wide range, from 10−1 to 10−5 newtons per sq m.

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com)-- Featuring the only 3rd generation SMP cryogenic pump for LNG in the industry, the Atlas Copco JC Carter Pump design offers customers significant advantages over previous designs.
Also on show will be SKF's advanced hybrid cryogenic pump bearings, which offer exceptional levels of reliability and performance where moving parts are exposed to abrasive particles, corrosive gases and liquid contaminants, vibration and electric currents.
This was the largest high-pressure cryogenic pump ever developed and was tested at discharge pressures exceeding 2.
The Chart CVI-PD3000 high-pressure cryogenic pump now features a new V-band clamp that cuts cold-end removal to about five minutes, a reduction of more than 80% from the previous 24-bolt design.
Basically, a Sterling cooler is a self-contained cryogenic pump that uses compressed helium to obtain cryogenic temperatures.
Atlas Copco JC Carter Pumps is introducing a 3rd generation pump upgrade program to its customers, featuring the only 3rd generation SMP cryogenic pump for LNG in the industry.
Cryogenic pump manufacturers and service providers Cryopump AG and Cryopump GmbH, sister companies of U.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 10, 2015-Atlas Copco announces divestment of cryogenic pump business for undisclosed sum
JC Carter has a well-developed customer base and market presence in the cryogenic pump market.
For pressure requirements up to 4000psi, Linde offers a hydraulically driven cryogenic pump, which is virtually silent and has a high, overall electrical efficiency.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2011-Atlas Copco acquires cryogenic pump business from J.

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