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Algunos generos se encuentran ampliamente representados, 24 de ellos por 15 o mas taxones (Cuadro 2), entre ellos destacan Pachybrachis Chevrolat (Chrysomelidae) con 57 morfoespecies, Phyllophaga Harris (Scarabaeidae) con 41 especies, Agrilus Curtis (Brupestidae) con 39 morfoespecies, Cryptocephalus Geoffroy (Chrysomelidae) con 33 morfoespecies y Systena Chevrolat (Chrysomeliade) con 30 morfoespecies.
We also found the case-bearing beetle Cryptocephalus trisfasciatus on downy rose myrtle, though this species has already been tested and found to feed too broadly for biological control uses.
R A Aphthonomorpha collaris R A (Baly) Aphthona varipes Jacoby R A Aphthona strigosa Baly R A Longitarsus dorsopictus R A Chen Longitarsus lohita Maulik R A Hemipyxis plagideroides R A (Motschulsky) Monolepta hieroglyphica R A (Motschulsky) Cryptocephalus sp.