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Davies, "Geohydromechanical processes in the excavation damaged zone in crystalline rock, rock salt, and indurated and plastic clays--in the context of radioactive waste disposal," International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, vol.
(1996): Porosity and pathway determination in crystalline rock by positron emission tomography and neutron radiography.
Its eastern side is built up of the Snieznik Massif crystalline rocks, whereas the western side is composed of the Coniacian Idzikow Conglomerates which form the top of the Idzikow Brachyanticline.
Once formed in crystalline rock, kinks in the hole, called severe dog legs, cannot be reduced significantly by remedial action.
The poor reactivity of the water, as well as the same [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr ratio for all the hot springs, would indicate that they migrate in a common reservoir, consisting only of crystalline rocks (gneiss and granite).
In the presented study, the geomorphological signatures of extreme erosion supported by the surface uplift of the Hunza Karakoram in the late Cenozoic is compared with the thermochronological history of relevant crystalline rocks during active collision orogeny.
These rocks are sometimes referred to as the "crystalline basement" or "crystalline rock." The crystalline metamorphic rocks in the Grand Canyon have been dated from about 2 billion to 1.5 billion years ago.
It provides information at the nm - cm scale about the accessible pore space in low permeable crystalline rock that cannot be obtained using other methods.
They are mainly gabbro, a coarse crystalline rock with tendency to open up into vertical cracklines, particularly suitable for rock climbing.
These deposits belong to a type that develops from hot fluids flowing through cracks and pores in hard crystalline rock. The underground solutions leach out minerals as they circulate, and their load precipitates in a small area -- a process that concentrates the minerals.
The company said it had examined two alternative sites--one in a crystalline rock formation in north-central Ontario and the other in limestone in the province's south.