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C sharp

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(C sharp) An object-oriented programming language that is based on C++ with elements from Visual Basic and Java. Like Java, C# provides automatic garbage collection, whereas traditional C and C++ do not. C# was created by Microsoft and also standardized by the European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA). Microsoft designed C# as its flagship programming language for the .NET environment.

Why the Number Sign?
Because it is similar to the sharp music notation symbol, the number sign (#) is used. See .NET Framework, J#, F# and C.
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* Though that solution utilized Object Oriented Concepts in CSharp, Programming was used only to calculate values to be exported to Microsoft Excel that was used for plotting the graphs.
* Presented OOP CSharp based package has not been tested, verified, or used in real world situations
That note was of course the opening of the famous (the composer would say notorious) Csharp minor Prelude by Rachmaninov, to be followed by five others, all characterised by a genuine emotional and structural growth from within.
"If you are a developer, you don't have to learn a new language [for NEO], you just use Java or CSharp to write the smart contract.
One is Intel(R) RealSenseTM technology with the Intel(R)RealSenseTM 3D Cameras and SDK; we can create applications that can perform gesture detection, facial analysis, background segmentation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, and more, the SDK provides more support to software framework that is CSharp, Java, JavaScript, Processing and Unity.
This section describes the tool that was developed within our study for applying the AHP method named Csharp analytic hierarchy process (CAHP) which allows automating the steps of the AHP method described in Section 4.2.
Symbol Store is comprised of four main components, illustrated in Figure 2 and includes: 1) the Flex and ActionScript User Interface (UI); 2) the .NET CSharp web service middleware; 3) the storage system of an Apache Lucene Index (apache.lucene.org) and a Structured Query Language (SQL) Server Relational Database Management System (DB); 4) and an instance of Esri ArcGIS Server to produce live, interactive map previews with selected symbols.
SBEDA is the main namespace containing all related and newly developed source code classes, System is the by default namespace provided by Microsoft CSharp (#) language used during the software development and responsible for providing access to default language based controls and components.
RealAudio is being consumed by Media Player as you read these words, and Microsoft is fighting in the courts to replace Java with Csharp. Microsoft took none of the market risks to pioneer these products, yet they were able to clip the shoots when they were ripe by building their own versions into the operating system.
Bach framed the evening, opening with the Csharp minor Prelude and Fugue from Book I of the "48" delivered in a haze of voice-leading and ending with a Sarabande from one of the Suites (I didn't recognise it, and the soloist's welcome announcement was unclear).