cu yd

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cubic yard

In the US, the customary unit for measuring the volume of embankments, refuse, etc.; equivalent to the volume of a cube, each edge of which measures 3 feet; equals a volume of 0.765 cubic meters.
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wide enclosed conveyor, which provides fill dirt at the rate of one cu yd per second, or one dump truck load every 10 seconds.
7m cu yd of beach-fill material immediately north of the Mirlo Beach community in Rodanthe, North Carolina, which suffered severe beach erosion, dune loss and damage in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy in 2012.
For six to eight weeks beginning in early November, DHS crews collect an average of 130,000 to 140,000 cu yd of leaves along 850 mi of roads serving the county's 118,000 households.
Tenders are invited for The major items of work are approximately: 105,187 Cu Yd Common Excavation, 33,200 Ton Aggregate Base Class 5M, 4,100 Ton Shoulder Base Class 5M, 14,700 Ton Bituminous Mixture, 2,566 Lin Ft RC Pipe Culvert, Traffic Control, Seeding, Pavement Stripping.
At the start of the project, it was projected that 86,200 cu yd (in situ) sediment had to be dredged, which was an underestimation by 15,911 cu yd.
Earth Tech is the general contractor of the sediment remediation project, which is divided into four elements: construction and operation of a 36-acre corrective action management unit (CAMU); hydraulic dredging of over 750,000 cu yd of sediment from a five-mile stretch of the river, including conveying and placing the sediment into the CAMU; design, construction, and operation of a project-specific water treatment plant and a chemically-assisted clarifier to treat the supernatant from the dredging activities; and return of the treated supernatant water to the Grand Calumet River through an existing U.
Tenders are invited for Work includes 3,716 SY pavement removal;33,323 SY HMA surface removal; 4,146 SY aggregate subgrade improvement; 516 SY aggregate base course; 5,821 ton HMA binder course; 4,130 ton HMA surface course; 1,312 SY PCC pavement; 2,237 SF sidewalk removal; 3,762 ft combination curb and gutter removal; 919 SY Class D patches; 3,028 SF PCC sidewalk; 3,722 ft combinationconcrete curb and gutter; 20,799 ft thermoplastic pavement marking line; 1,403 ft polyurea pavement marking; 643 ft detector loop replacement; 10 cu yd non-special waste disposal; 1 special waste plans and reports.
This work included 1,040 cu yd of shotcrete, 1,660 cu yd of cast-in-place concrete, and 200 tons of rebar.
Materials used were 290 cu yd of concrete; 70 cu yd of shotcrete; 35,000 lb of reinforcing steel; 8,500 sq ft of steel diaphragm; 40 mi of prestressing steel; 14 precast concrete wall panels; and 24 precast concrete dome panels.
The pump station structure, gravity drain, inlet, and outlet structures have required 85,000 cu yd of excavation and 7,800 cu yd of concrete.