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a cylindrical roll of cured tobacco leaves, for smoking
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What does it mean when you dream about a cigar?

A psychoanalytic symbol for the male organ, though when Freud was once asked about his cigar, he famously responded that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Smokers tend to associate anxiety and/or relaxation with cigarettes.

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BEIRUT: Following a grueling and longer than expected trip from Britain to Gaza to deliver aid, British MP George Galloway cuts a somnolent figure as he puffs on a Cuban cigar in the lobby of the Bristol Hotel in West Beirut.AaGalloway's "Viva Palestina" aid convoy to Gaza, on the anniversary of an Israeli offensive that killed more than 1,300 Palestinians, and the subsequent fallout from the Egyptian government's decision to refuse the convoy entry into the enclave, earned him "persona non grata" status in the country.Aa
Cuban cigar executives said smokers in China, the Middle East, Russia and Brazil helped overcome declining sales in economically troubled Spain and Greece.
Washington's 50-year-old embargo against Cuba, which bans the sale of Cuban cigars in the United States, has been an undisputed bonanza for the neighboring Dominican Republic.
Asked to confirm it was a banned Cuban cigar, an aide said: "There's no way of telling now because he smoked it."
International retailing of Cuban cigars is carried out by a network of exclusive distributors who sell all brands of habanos within their designated sales area.
CubaNews phoned various Cuban cigar importers and retailers to get their take on this situation.
The 59-year-old asked to be moved while lunching in top Madrid restaurant Paradis because people dining at the next table each lit up a Cuban cigar.
He revealed: "The doctor said cigarettes were out if I wanted to sing but I could have a Cuban cigar - just not all the time.
Among the creature comforts incorporated into it, is a humidor - just in case you fancy a puff on a fine Cuban cigar.
Yet according to White, the number of Americans who've gotten RFI letters over Cuban cigar purchases is still limited.
Bloomberg suggests that the decision--which overturns a lower court ruling in the case--may weaken Habanos' control of the Cuban cigar market in Europe.,the Internet cigar portal web site launched one year ago by three Chicago-based investors, has been acquired by a group of investors who have launched Cuban cigar retail web site at domain