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Space: Quite good but a chair in the corner made the cubicle much smaller.
Cubicles are a mechanism of constant surveillance; the worker is never sure who might pass by the open entrance or whether someone is listening in to a phone conversation.
warehouse last year, the company formed an employee design committee that made decisions about color, layout, and cubicle sizes.
1 in 10 companies in the UK Toilet Cubicles & Washroom Systems industry could change ownership as a result of the current economic climate, claims a new study by leading financial analysts Plimsoll.
The man remained inside the cubicle and refused to come out for 10 minutes after which he apologised to the two Filipinas claiming that he had entered the women's washroom by mistake.
I saw a pair of feet in the next cubicle, but I could not tell if they belonged to a man or a woman.
Franz sees '70s cubicle chic as "less a positive vision for the future than an expression of frustration with the present," much like the giddy talk nowadays of workplace "change agents" and "disruptive technologies.
McCullock said about 20 minutes after leaving the stage, he became aware of the couple in the cubicle in the dressing room toilet.
The firm, founded in 1999, saw production fall due to the decline of the sector, and spotted a gap in the market for specialist shower cubicles.
A COVENTRY company has earned praise for its range of innovative shower cubicles.
A pervert who exposed himself, followed young girls out shopping and peeped under toilet cubicles in Safeway has been given an extended sentence.