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Furthermore, the close association between impotency and cuckoldry emphasises how 'skimmingtons publicly humiliate weak husbands no less than dominant wives' (p.
Masculine anxieties around old age, impotence, and cuckoldry were still present three centuries later despite progress in the sciences and the liberal sociopolitical attitudes promoted by the Spanish Second Republic (1931-36).
While the threat of cuckoldry from conspecifics has been incorporated into investigations of mobbing behavior (Berziiis et al.
The song hovers uneasily between self-glorification and self-mockery, since horns could also signify cuckoldry.
As history has taught us, smear campaigns against revolutionary leaders have always revolved around accusations of homosexuality, bestiality, adultery, cuckoldry, and brutal behavior of all sorts, towards both family members and friends.
For Shakespeare's frustrated, aristocratic lovers whose labors arc lost because of the message of a death, the cuckoo in the song of spring heralds the specter of cuckoldry in that season's erotic frenzy, while the owl of winter wisely oversees the "merry" consolations of the humblest aspects of domestic life.
Its components trace back to the dream typologies of Macrobius--of whom Rabelais had clearly heard--and Artemidorus's Oneirio critica, which Pantagruel reads in preparation for a famous debate (6) and later invokes to interpret a nightmare of cuckoldry.
33) Drawing on a conception of responsibility steeped in the logic of honor, attorneys argued that no self-respecting man would or should turn to courts to redress the deep insult of cuckoldry or, more generally, the damage done to his authority and jurisdiction over his wife by her seducer.
The bond of cuckoldry differs from at least some social conformations of homosexuality in being necessarily hierarchical in structure, with an "active" participant who is clearly in the ascendency over the "passive" one Most characteristically, the difference of power occurs in the form of a difference of knowledge: the cuckold is not even supposed to know that he is in such a relationship.
10) In the silly cry, the spectators surely recognized the hooting of the horned howl (thus the play's title) and did not fail to appreciate the metaphor transferring the bird's horns on Ambrogio's head, symbol of his cuckoldry.
In 1989 a Chinese immigrant in New York City received five years' probation for bludgeoning his unfaithful wife to death; the defense argued that he had been provoked by the extreme shame attached to cuckoldry in Chinese culture.
Coevolution of paternal investment and cuckoldry in humans.