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A jointed and usually hollow grass stem.
The solid stem of certain monocotyledons, such as the sedges.
(mining engineering)
Fine, refuse coal, screened and separated from larger pieces.
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the cylindrical, usually hollow stem of a cereal grass. A culm is somewhat distended at the nodes, that is, at the site of leaf attachment. In some cereal grasses, for example, corn, the stalks are solid. The arrangement of the vascular bundles and mechanical tissues along the periphery of the culm imparts great resilience.

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However, HAD requires a relatively long processing time and it may damage bamboo culms, giving them an unattractive color.
According to those results, the most external layers of the culm possess the higher insoluble fiber content and this concentration increases from the internal to the external layers.
As each of these branches ends in an inflorescence, the trophotagma enrichment axes increase the number of inflorescences on each culm. Depending on whether the axillary buds of the trophotagma enrichment axis leaf structures develop or not, these can have different branching patterns: (1) trophotagma enrichment axes without branches (Fig.
The final leaf number (FLN) in the main culm, which is intrinsically solved (Streck et al., 2003), showed a RMSE of 1.1 leaves, being slightly higher than that reported for wheat (0.55 leaves) (He et al., 2012), using a nonlinear model, thus emphasizing to continue the efforts to improve the simulation of FNL.
First is culm bending-type lodging which occurs when plants fail to resist bending pressure, as is often seen in the upper internodes of rice affected by strong winds and rain.
Wheat samples taken at the anthesis stage were divided into four groups: flag leaf, second leaf, ear and the culm and samples taken at harvest were divided into two groups: grain and straw (including leaves).
Previous studies had investigated the daily DM intakes for giant pandas fed with bamboo (leaf and culm) as the roughage.
Samples of the exterior layer of GAKVB were collected from the lower portion of the culm (1.5 m above the base; see Figure 1(b)) of plants estimated to be approximately five years old.
Metcalfe [5, page 539] even reported a culm endodermis with "suberized walls" in O.