Cult of the Vampire

Cult of the Vampire

(pop culture)

The Cult of the Vampire was a semi-secret magical group operating in England in the 1990s that built its practice of magic on the model of vampirism. Vampires were pictured as the first outcasts of human society who formed clans and developed techniques for controlling the occult forces of nature. The modern Cult of the Vampire was organized as an initiatory magical order with seven degrees. The neophyte was introduced to the techniques of occult practice through a series of lessons (approximately 25 to each initiatory level). The goal of the training was to learn to conquer death by leaving the physical body. One learned to transcend the body in the third degree level and animal transformation is the fourth.

While vampires may use their sorcery when and where they see fit, groups of magicians gather at the time of the new moon for ritual and magical workings. The order’s lineage, it was claimed, comes from Transylvania and was introduced into England in 1888 as the Ordo Anno Mundi. No evidence of the group’s continued existence has surfaced since the beginning of the new century.


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