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see diplomatic servicediplomatic service,
organized body of agents maintained by governments to communicate with one another. Origins

Until the 15th cent. any formal communication or negotiation among nations was conducted either by means of ambassadors specially appointed for a
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1. short for ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary; a diplomatic minister of the highest rank, accredited as permanent representative to another country or sovereign
2. ambassador extraordinary a diplomatic minister of the highest rank sent on a special mission
3. ambassador plenipotentiary a diplomatic minister of the first rank with treaty-signing powers
4. ambassador-at-large US an ambassador with special duties who may be sent to more than one government
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The Liberian leader also applauded the Liberian Cultural Ambassador and the Crusaders for Peace for what she called: You are always doing surprising things that continue to make the nation and its people proud.
She said: "The concerts are just something I like to do and I am honoured to have been invited to be a patron and cultural ambassador for the National Autistic Society.
A lot of my friends have been on the show, including Kathryn Tickell who's also a cultural ambassador for the North East, and some of the other great musicians from the local music scene who I've known for years.
Cultural ambassador Also, every foreign student who studies in Iran is considered an unofficial cultural ambassador who can promote Iran and its culture in other countries, added Hemadi.
Dubai: Cultural ambassador, diplomat, activist and writer Mariam Behnam passed away in Dubai on Thursday.
Raichel is a self-proclaimed cultural ambassador for the state of Israel, and upon arriving in the US for his tour, his first stop was a gala fundraiser for the Israeli military.
Brooklyn Shanti, hip-hop's official cultural ambassador to India, presents Bedstuyle, an exciting, rhythmic emblem of the hip-hop heritage of Shanti's native neighborhood of Bedstuy, Brooklyn.
Tokyo, June 4, 2014 - (ACN Newswire) - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) today announces that its Cultural Ambassador Rakugo comic storyteller Katsura Sunshine is launching a world tour beginning in the second half of 2014.
COMEDIAN Des Bishop has been hailed as a cultural ambassador by a top Chinese government official.
That Murakami now thinks of himself as a cultural ambassador might come as quite a surprise to most Japanese.
Le Meridien Master Baristas will lead coffee-related initiatives and standards at each hotel as well as serve as lead coffee cultural ambassador, maintaining knowledge of current coffee trends while raising the local community's awareness of coffee.

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