test tube

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test tube

1. a cylindrical round-bottomed glass tube open at one end: used in scientific experiments
2. made synthetically in, or as if in, a test tube

Test Tube


a tube, usually made of glass, that is sealed at one end; a type of chemical laboratory vessel. Test tubes are used when working with small quantities of a substance.

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2) Collect the filtrate in a sterile culture tube to obtain spore suspension.
About 75% of the transplanted plants survived when the plants in rooting culture tubes were kept at normal room temperature for 7 days before transplanting in trays where plants were reared for three weeks.
The modified medium had to be packed rather than poured into culture tubes before autoclaving because of its more solid consistency.
A large mortality event within several culture tubes was observed at this time and shells of dead urchins were also counted and diameter measured.
Other inserts for specific types of glassware such as culture tubes, media plates, DNA sequencing plates, and BOD bottles are readily available.
All NPAs were added to an additional LLC-MK2 cell culture tube and incubated at 33[degrees]C.
Apogent also purchased certain operating assets of Meteor Glass' pipette, vial and tube business, including Pasteur pipettes, culture tubes and rain gauges, which will become part of Chase Scientific Glass.
A 1-cm section was taken at the same location (2 cm from the tip) from each tube because the size and shape of an entire tube made its complete immersion in culture tubes impossible.
After slicing, the top fractions were transferred to either 12 X 75 mm glass culture tubes (1-mL method) or analyzer cups (0.
No visual turbidity was observed in uninoculated sterile 1 mL nutrient broth culture tubes incubated at 37[degrees]C or room temperature nor were any sediments (pills) observed after the tubes were centrifuged at 14,000 RPM for 5 mm.
We found that white blood cells grown in culture tubes could be stimulated to produce and release TNF when Sarcocystis was added to the culture.
The products manufactured by the glassware consumables business purchased from Meteor Glass Corporation include Pasteur pipettes, perfume vials, shell vials, culture tubes, cigar tubes, hydrometer tubes, wintrobe tubes, westergren tubes, and rain gauges.

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