Culver's root

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Culver's root:

see figwortfigwort,
common name for some members of the Scrophulariaceae, a family comprising chiefly herbs and small shrubs and distributed widely over all continents. The family includes a few climbing types and some parasitic and saprophytic forms.
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With pollinators too often suffering these days from diseases, pesticides and loss of habitat, it makes me feel good to see so many bees enjoying themselves on my culver's root plants.
John's Wort, blue hyssop, bay wee, lavender, motherwort, lobelia, horehound, lemon balm, mint, beebalm, catnip, Russian sage, parsley, balloon flower, jie geng, garden sage, soapwort, JingJie/Japanese Catnip, skullcap, betony, stevia, comfrey, feverfew, tansy, thyme, coltsfoot, valerian, mullein, vervain, culver's root, passionflower vine, oregano, mallow, rue, rosemary, violet.
There are many magnificent tall plants perfect for rain gardens, such as Culver's root, cup plants, ironweed and Joe Pye weed, but shorter options like bee balm, black-eyed Susan, blazing star, coneflowers and swamp milkweed are more suited to the area where my rain garden will be located.