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Cupido is one of the eight hypothetical planets (sometimes referred to as the trans-Neptunian points or planets, or TNPs) utilized in Uranian astrology. The Uranian system, sometimes referred to as the Hamburg School of Astrology, was established by Friedrich Sieggrün (1877–1951) and Alfred Witte (1878–1943). It relies heavily on hard aspects and midpoints. In decline for many decades, it has experienced a revival in recent years.

Cupido is related to small groups, such as the family. It is also, by extension, connected with attitudes toward home and property. Finally, this hypothetical planet is associated with art and the appreciation of beauty, artists, and craftspeople.

Based on the speculative orbits of the Uranian planets, the Kepler, Solar Fire and Win*Star software programs will all locate this hypothetical planet in an astrological chart.


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'I banish the false wretch from this moment, and I strike him out of my Cupidon (my name for my Ledger, my dear,) this very night.
For example, "Belladonna, the Lady of the Rocks, / The lady of situations" seems to be associated with a marble throne, a Cupidon, and glittering jewels (WL ll.
The mention of "golden Cupidon" and "a carved dolphin" enhances the significance of the 'desire' theme mentioned in the opening lines.
For the main course, either grilled sturgeon with basil gnocchi, cherry tomatoes served with fennel fondue pink pepper sauce or beef tenderloin with asparagus, foie gras mashed purple potatoes, strawberry Chutney and Cupidon sauce is sure to stun your taste buds.
[2001: 268-9] Irrespective of the controversial origin of Dragobete (Ghinoiu and others identify him with the Roman Cupidon or the Greek Eros), young people should be as joyous and eager to celebrate the day like the birds which, around this time, begin to build their nests and mate.
While she meticulously records in her "Cupidon" the tales she tells of her imaginary lovers, the men unwillingly conscripted to play these parts only pretend to be part of her performance.
(6.) Caraman P (2009) Identificarea episodului despre Cupidon si Psyche, romanul "Metamorphoses" al lui Apuleius cu un basm autentic popular.
L'union entre deux etres reste donc tributaire de plusieurs facteurs, la fleche de Cupidon ne touche pas l'ensemble des humains et les youyous ne retentissent pas dans chaque demeure.
L'amour (represente par des dieux--Aphrodite ou Cupidon) concerne tous les jeunes amoureux et l'epitaphe de Voltaire traduit par Alecu Vacarescu reste signifiant: << Qui que tu sois, voici ton maitre;/ Il l'est, l'etait, il doit l'etre >>.