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Curandera; Curandero

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Literally meaning "one who cures," these are the "Wise Ones" of Middle America and of Hispanic communities throughout the United States and elsewhere. The Curandero (male) is more common than the Curandera (female). He mainly deals magically with mental and emotional problems, such as possession, and rarely uses herbs or the other material items used by the bruja and brujo, who are closer to the European idea of Witches.

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I asked if they were consulting any other healers, like curanderas here in Minnesota.
En el pacifico colombiano y en las urbes; el curandero, curandera y la partera constituyen la reminiscencia de las practicas de antano en una version americanizada y sincretica.
After the 2004 death of her father, the San Francisco painter and sculptor began meeting with a curandera, or Native American healer, to work through her grief.
It is noteworthy that in separate testimonies other people identify Ynes Maria too as a healer (curandera).