Cure Salee

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Cure Salée

The Tuareg, a largely nomadic ethnic group found primarily in Algeria, Niger, Mali, and Libya, converge with their camels and cattle on a place known as Ingal just after the first rains of the season arrive. An oasis in the Sahara region of northern Niger, Ingal has palm groves and date plantations and is a favorite grazing ground. The Salt Festival takes its name from the salt contained in the new grass, which is essential to the animals' diet. Each Tuareg group participating in the Cure SalÉe follows a very specific transhumance or seasonal migration route, some traveling hundreds of miles.
In Tamacheq, the language of the Tuareg, the event is known as Tanekert or Tenekert . The return of the rains is also celebrated with dancing, singing, and camel races.
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