Current Collector

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current collector

[′kər·ənt kə‚lek·tər]
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Current Collector


a device used in electrically powered rolling stock and in transportation and hoisting machines to take current from an overhead contact wire or from a rail.

The main type of current collector is the pantograph, which is intended for sparkless collection of current from an overhead wire at high running speeds. Pantographs are used on electric locomotives, self-propelled railroad cars, and streetcars. The frame of the pantograph is installed on the roof of the locomotive or self-propelled car. When the pantograph is raised, hinged arms and springs continuously press the current-collecting shoes against the contact wire. The pantograph is operated by remote control from the motorman’s cab. Trolleybuses, riverboats, streetcars, funicular railroads, and hoisting cranes use current collectors of the bar or roller type, which also collect current from overhead contact wires. Some models of streetcars employ bow-shaped current collectors. Collector shoes that slide along a rigid current-carrying contact rail are used in subway cars.


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Chinese and Indian contributors describe the physiochemical properties of MXene nanomaterials for adsorption of pollutants, the structure of MXene supercapacitors, and a titanium carbide-based MXene electrode used without binder, conductive additive, or current collector in the fabrication of sodium ion batteries.
During an interview with soldiers, Fiona revealed that she is the current collector of Sub-Regional Committee 2 (SRC 2) and former sub-section secretary of the Hugpong Mag-uuma sa Walog Compostela.
Morgan Advanced Materials has developed a new, lighter weight, metallised current collector strip, based on proprietary material technology, which is set to bring a wide range of benefits for the rail sector.
The second technique creates a laminated electrode cast on an aluminum current collector, combined with an electronically conductive carbon additive and a binding agent These electrodes were tested using Na half cells, utilizing pure sodium metal as the counter electrode.
Instead of bipolar plates, this fuel cell has separate current collector components with openings to collect electrons as well as flow boards to distribute fuel among the cells.
Then they consider structure and options for device packing and evaluate choices for electrode, electrolyte, current collector, and sealant materials based on comparisons of available data.
Researchers examined used-car batteries and discovered that, over time, lithium accumulates beyond the battery electrodes in the "current collector," a sheet of copper that facilitates electron transfer between the electrodes and the car's electrical system.
The first layer, the positive current collector, is a mixture of purified singlewall carbon nanotubes with carbon black particles.
Avestor describes the LMP battery as a series of ultra-thin layers of four materials that are laminated together: metallic lithium foil anode, a solid polymeric electrolyte, a metallic oxide cathode, and an aluminum foil current collector. The LMP system breakthrough, says Avestor, is the use of a special polymer as a solid dry electrolyte that completely encapsulates and seals the lithium metal.
This design also eliminates the polymeric binders and copper current collector foil used in a traditional battery electrode.
When combined with a spray-on current collector on one side and a cathode and current collector on the other, the resulting battery showed promise as it delivered 150 mAh/g with little decay over 50 charge/discharge cycles.