Current Density

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Current density

A vector quantity equal in magnitude to the instantaneous rate of flow of electric charge, perpendicular to a chosen surface, per unit area per unit time. If a wire of cross-sectional area A carries a current I, the current density J is I/A. The units of J in the rationalized meter-kilogram-second system are amperes per square meter.

Current Density


a vector quantity whose magnitude is equal to the electric charge flowing per unit time per unit area, where the area is perpendicular to the direction of motion of the charge. If the charge density (the charge per unit volume) is equal to ρ, then the current density is j = ρv, where v is the average velocity of the ordered flow of the charges. When the distribution of the current density is uniform over the cross section of the conductor, the current I is equal to jS, where S is the cross-sectional area of the conductor.

current density

[′kər·ənt ‚den·səd·ē]
The current per unit cross-sectional area of a conductor; a specialization of the physics definition. Also known as electric current density.
A vector quantity whose component perpendicular to any surface equals the rate of flow of some conserved, indestructible quantity across that surface per unit area per unit time. Also known as current.
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So, in this study the value of limiting current density was determined experimentally.
One can notice a change in the shape, while the current density shows a small change in the peak value.
According to the results obtained from the experiments, the removal efficiency has with by increasing current density (from 0,18 to 4,18 mA cm-2).
The water balance inside a PEMFC air-cooled stack can be measured accurately and in real-time at different running conditions including low current density using the hot wire method.
Different current density means different effective cross-sectional area of the cable.
Even after high freeze-thaw cycles, the steel is also at the state of low corrosion rate, and the actual rebar corrosion also approves the testing results of corrosion current density.
This leads to a simple solution, but it is important to note that accepting (14) as a substitute for (12) assumes a priori that, for any non-zero [alpha], a non-zero valued B at any point requires the existence of a current density j [not equal to] 0 at that same point.
Run Operation Experiment mode 1 Batch Effect of electrodes material 2 Batch Effect of pH 3 Batch Effect of current density 4 Batch The distance between the electrodes 5 Batch Effect of reaction time Run Operational conditions Material pH Current density Reaction (anode-cathode) (mA [cm.
It is of interest to evaluate the current density of the junction at given injection level.