Current Limiter

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current limiter

[′kər·ənt ‚lim·əd·ər]
A device that restricts the flow of current to a certain amount, regardless of applied voltage. Also known as demand limiter.
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Limiter, Current


(short-circuit current limiter), a device that prevents an increase of the short-circuit current in an electric circuit above permissible or specified amplitudes or effective values. A short-circuit current limiter can reduce the thermal and dynamic stability requirements for electric power transmission. In networks with voltages up to 35 kilovolts, the short-circuit current is limited by means of choke coils and, less frequently, fuses using a fine-grained filler or of the explosive type.

In the early 1970’s, both low-voltage and high-voltage lines were equipped with current limiters having thyristor switches, linear and nonlinear choke coils shunted by high-speed semiconductor switches, and nonlinear choke coils with magnetic biasing.

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