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current account

Economics that part of the balance of payments composed of the balance of trade and the invisible balance

Current Account


a type of deposit operation in banks and savings banks. Deposits in current accounts are not time deposits; that is, the account holder can make deposits and withdrawals at any time. In the capitalist countries, current accounts for the most part hold the temporarily free capital and cash reserves of the capitalists. In the USSR, current accounts in banks may be opened by noneconomic institutions and enterprises, kolkhozes, and public organizations; current accounts in savings banks may also be opened by individuals.

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The ministry of finance said that Pakistan would need of $7 billion in next four to five months to finance the current account deficit and repay previous loans and interest payment.
If these predictions become reality, the current account deficit decrease will certainly be reversed in 2016.
A narrowing current account deficit would reduce India's reliance on foreign money to fund the gap.
But the high current account deficit has prompted it to rethink regulations as it seeks to avert threat of a downgrade by global credit ratings agencies.
The PIGS' own central banks started to lend newly printed money to their private banks, and this money was then used to finance the current account deficit.
For the January to November period, the current account deficit stood at EUR 2,56 B, narrowing from EUR 7,69 B a year ago.
For the period 1998:Q3 through 2005:Q3, the difference in the actual and simulated current account deficit as a percent of GDP is 6.
current account deficit in the third quarter this year amounted to $225.
Overall, the results support claims that the size of the current account deficit and the extent to which it is financing consumption matter for adjustment.
In running a current account deficit, the United States uses more of the world's output than it produces, and we import more goods than we export (figure 1).
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-14 June 2004-Finnish current account deficit down in April 2004 - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
This inflow of foreign capital has kept America's current account deficit stable and U.