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one of the two sides of a bookkeeping balance; the liabilities side describes the sources from which a socialist enterprise or organization derives its capital and characterizes the composition, designated purposes, and actual disposition of the capital.

The liabilities side of the balance consists of five principal sections. The sources of an enterprise’s own assets and equivalent assets are shown in section A. Section B lists bank credits for circulating capital for which norms are set. Section C indicates various bank credits, payments, and other liabilities. Section D indicates the sources of assets for capital construction, and section E records the financing of outlays for formation of the basic livestock herd.

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Thus, the level of turnover, current assets and current liabilities are much higher in MARKFED than HAFED whereas HAFED has higher level of fixed assets, investments, own funds and long-term loans than MARKFED.
Furthermore, if those current liabilities were not due for another month, then the company's desire to report a better current ratio could have cost it a month of interest-free financing of liabilities and a month's return on the cash that could have been invested elsewhere.
Its value is not relevant if the companies that are observed have big difference in the size of business volume respectively by size of current asset and current liabilities. All observed shipyards have positive value of working capital so they are able to finance their current business activities.
4,472,832 Total assets less 6,923,636 current liabilities Creditors: amounts falling due after
Current assets less current liabilities gives you working capital.
Current Liabilities Accounts Payable $55,925 Billings in Excess of Costs $35,000 Salaries Payable $9,000 SUI/ETT Payable $342 Workers' Comp Payable $3,691 FUTU Payable $83 G/L-Umbrella Insurance $1,781 Benefits Payable $1,139 401(k) Payable $3,637 Line of Credit Payable $15,000 Total Current Liabilities $125,598 Long Term Liabilities Vehicle Loans Payable $16,932 Total Long Term Liabilities $16,932 Total Liabilities $142,530 Equity Owner's Equity $10,000 Retained Earnings $189,328 Total Equity $199,328 Net Profit/Loss $116,832 Total Net Worth $316,161 Total Liabilities + Net Worth $458,691 Current Liabilities All items listed here should be paid off within a year.
Rather, it is your current liabilities minus your current assets.
Current liabilities are those due within one year; longterm liabilities are debts due in future years.
The scale of the corporate pension funds that can't cover their current liabilities grew to [yen]1 .94 trillion (about $17.9 billion), vs.
In addition, upon execution of the letter of intent, Signal Technology has assumed the management and operation of the New York business through its Keltec division and has assumed all current liabilities of the business.
Table 1 Current Assets Current Liabilities Legitimate A/R 6 A/P 2 A/R Credit Balances (2) - Total A/R 4 Total A/P 2

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