Curtea de Arges

Curtea de Arges

(ko͝or`tāä dā är`zhĕsh), town (1990 pop. 32,551), S central Romania, in Walachia, on the southern slope of the Transylvanian Alps. A district administrative and trade center, it has industries producing pottery and wood products. Curtea de Arges served (1330–1430) as the seat of the dukes of Walachia and became (18th cent.) an Orthodox bishopric. Its 16th-century Byzantine cathedral (rebuilt 19th cent.) became the burial place of the kings of Romania.

Curtea de Argeş


a city in Rumania on the Argeş River. It lies in the southern spurs of the Transylvanian Alps in the Argeş district. A climatic spa. Population, 16,400 (1966). Curtea de Argeş was founded in the 14th century; it was the former residence of the bishops and princes of Walachia. Architectural monuments include the prince’s residence (14th century); the cruciform Church of St. Nicoară (1352), with three apses and 14th century frescoes; and the metropolitan church (1512–17; restored in the 19th century) with frescoes (1526) and unusual and festive exterior ornamentation.


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Project Description : To Open JYSK store in Curtea de Arges, Romania.
It was being taken to the central town of Curtea de Arges for burial next to his wife, Anne de Bourbon-Parme, who died last year.
3), these stops are found on the main streets of Pitesti going to the respective cities, for instance, for the city of Costesti, the stop is found on Craiovei Street near the Kaufland supermarket; for Vedea, it is found on Dragasani Road; for Stefanesti and Topoloveni, the stop is situated near the Expo Park on Bucharest Road and for Curtea de Arges, it is found on Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard near the Bascov passage way.
Events and moments that set a glorious literary tradition in Arges are connected to Ion Pillat' origins, printing of five issues of the journal Kalende in Pitesti, to Liviu Rebreanu' presence in Valea Mare, the birth of Ion Barbu and Tudor Musatescu in Muscel area, emergence of publications especially in Campulung, where Vladimir Streinu debuted as a poet and literary critic or to Curtea de Arges where Urmuz saw the daylight.
Naturalmente, mantuvimos el contacto, nos volvimos a ver en Florencia y Siena, en Paris y Lisboa, y viajamos juntos por Rumania, de Bucarest a Suceava y desde alli a Sighet, a Sibiu, por el valle del Olt y a Curtea de Arges, y en cada de uno de estos lugares la memoria se recargo de la exuberancia de la comunion de ideas y afectos.
al Festival de Curtea de Arges, Rumania, El Salvador, Venezuela y
El poeta maya de Quintana Roo, Jorge Miguel Cocom Pech gano en Rumania el Gran Premio Internacional de Poesia que se otorga en el Festival Internacional Noches Poeticas en la ciudad de Curtea de Arges .
The nurses took her to St Christopher's Children's Hospice for dying youngsters, near Curtea de Arges.
In June I will move to Curtea de Arges (CDA), and begin work at the hospital with the assistant director setting up in-service education for the nurses.
In conducting the analysis of climate in the studied region (Valsan Valley) there have been correlated climatic elements from the following meteorological stations: Balea Lac Station (located at the altitude of 2038 m) and Curtea de Arges station --(located at the altitude 448 m).
Air conditioning (including transportation, installation, commissioning, dismantling old air conditioners) for server rooms of SH Curtea de Arges and SH Rm.