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/see`-yoo-see'-mee/ ("CU" from Cornell University) A shareware personal computer-based videoconferencing program for use over the Internet, developed at Cornell University, starting in 1992.

CU-SeeMe allows for direct audiovisual connections between clients, or, like irc, it can support multi-user converencing via servers (here called "reflectors") to distribute the video and audio signals between multiple clients.

CU-SeeMe was the first videoconferencing tool available at a reasonable price (in this case, free) to users of personal computers.

Compare with multicast backbone.
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Internet videoconferencing has matured extensively since the original CUseeMe software, and options that once seemed impossible are now commonplace.
Companies such as White Pine, which made the CUSeeMe internet-based consumer videoconferencing system, adopted H.
Click to Meet Software--Provides software license and support for Click to Meet collaboration software (previously known as CUSeeMe and MeetingPoint), in support of the DoD's Enterprise Collaboration Initiatives.
White Pine CUseeMe was a popular video conferencing tool that let anyone, anywhere, connect in a virtual meeting place and talk over one-on-one video feeds.
The thought of connecting students to the world outside of the classroom drew me to live video, and CUseeMe provided the first step.
Today, successors to the pioneering CUSeeMe (NetMeeting, Paltalk, iVisit) provide much less expensive two-way video on PCs through high-quality USB or Firewire cameras.
Mediated interaction--at this stage the simultaneous use of Internet services is intensified, namely: electronic mail, discussion lists, forums, real-time communication (IRG, Chat, MOOs, CuSeeMe, etc.
E-mail, Web-form, chat, visual-capable software such as CUSeeMe, and other customized software packages constitute some of the digital reference options currently being offered or under consideration at many libraries.
The ratings for the audio-video conferencing systems such as CUSeeme and CoolTalkfc were much lower than the text-based and virtual reality conferencing systems.
CUseeMe Networks (NASDAQ: CUSM), a provider of voice and visual communications solutions for the Internet, has unveiled version 2 of its MP-Controller, an add-on conferencing tool that allows individual meeting participants to control the audio and video that they receive.
120) Video conferencing on the Internet is possible using free software, for example, CUSeeMe,(121) and QuickCam cameras (now available in color), which only cost about $100-$200.