Custer's Last Stand

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Custer’s Last Stand

U.S. troops led by Col. Custer are massacred by the Indians at Little Big Horn, Montana (1877). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 701]
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There is no more arresting case of ill-fated decisionmaking by an individual under pressure than Custer's Last Stand. The battle offers insights into how and how not to combine experience-based intuition and information-based reasoning, both crucial in today's world of uncertainty and abundant information.
I was drawn to the collection of Landmark Books, a series of children's history books published by Random House and found among them Custer's Last Stand, written by Quentin Reynolds in 1951.
As any US public school attending student will tell you, the Cold War was when we beat Lewis and Clark at Pearl Harbor to avenge Custer's Last Stand. The spoils of that war, the Magna Carta and the Louisiana Purchase, are still encased in Fort Knox as we speak.
After a stint on a hit BBC comedy Custer's Last Stand, the heart-throb has now been in RTE's soap for three years.
He remembers his father's stories of having visited in Prince Albert the camp of Sitting Bull following Custer's Last Stand."
There was a touch of Custer's Last Stand about the closing moments as the home team mounted a desperate salvage operation but the Junior Reds weren't to be denied their moment.
A $2.3 million memorial was dedicated this week to the Indian warriors and scouts who fought in the skirmish that has become known as Custer's Last Stand.
Paxson is renowned for his masterpiece Custer's Last Stand at Little Big Horn, painted in 1897.
The Battle of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer's Last Stand, was one of the most decisive struggles of the Indian Wars on the Great Plains.
Fourteen years earlier, the 7th's commanding officer, George Custer, and all 210 of his men had been killed after attacking a large Sioux encampment, in the Battle of the Little Bighorn--known as Custer's Last Stand. Now, soldiers from the 7th seemed itchy for payback.
You've heard of Custer's last Stand? Well, little Red Chief has just pulled off a defeat of his own at the local supermarket.