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Abbr. for cost, insurance, and freight.


(1) See also CIFS and RAW image format.

(2) (Cells In Frames) ATM cells in Ethernet frames. See Cells in Frames.

(3) (Common Intermediate Format) An ITU H.261 standard for videoconferencing camera resolutions. CIF is also used to specify surveillance cameras.
CommonIntermediate            ResolutionFormat                 NTSC      PAL

 CIF   (Full CIF)     352x240   352x288
 QCIF  (Quarter CIF)  176x140   176x144
 SQCIF (Sub Quarter)            128x96
 2CIF  (2 x CIF)      704x240   704x288
 4CIF  (4 x CIF)      704x480   704x576
 16CIF (16 x CIF)    1408x960  1408x1152

(4) (Common Image Format) A standard frame size for digital video.
CommonImage      ScreenFormat     Size     Resolution

    VGA        Full     640x480
    1/4 VGA    1/4      320x240
    1/16 VGA   1/16     160x120
    D1 (Sony)  Full     720x480 (NTSC)
                        720x576 (PAL)
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ReligionCode is available to code customer information files, direct marketing lists and as a geographically- referenced population database from neighborhood to metro market and county levels of geography.
Alternatively, companies can agree to use a central database to periodically refresh their own customer information files, perhaps replacing outdated postal addresses.
Marketing customer information files (MCIF) and customer relationship management (CRM) system are changing Staying on top of these modifications and keeping employees knowledgeable about them is one of the biggest technological challenges banks face today.
Doug Curling, president of ChoicePoint and Kurt Sanford, CEO of LexisNexis, testified that not only had there been security breaches in the computerized customer information files, but that they did not immediately report those breaches to victims.

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