Cutting Machine

cutting machine

[′kəd·iŋ mə′shēn]
(mining engineering)
A power-driven apparatus used to undercut or shear the coal to help in its removal from the face.
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Cutting Machine


a machine used for cutting out parts of articles from layers of cloth card webs or knitted fabric. The technically possible depth of cutting of the layer depends on the design of the cutting machine and on the thickness and properties of the fabrics. Cutting machines may be movable or stationary.

The working member of a movable cutting machine is a steel plate-type knife, which performs a reciprocal vertical motion, or a round knife, which rotates at high speed. The machine is shifted manually relative to the layer along lines drawn on the top card web. In stationary cutting machines, the working member, or cutter, is a high-speed endless band saw. Movable cutting machines are usually used for cleaving the layers into sections. Such machines have line-cutting capacities of 1,150–1,400 m (straight-knife machines) and 1,250–1,500 m (round-knife machines) over a seven-hour period. Cutting machines with a band saw are used for the clean cutting of pieces of articles from the parts of the layer. The material is moved manually on the cutting-machine table in relation to the band saw. Band-saw cutting machines provide better cutting quality, and their output averages twice that of straight-knife cutting machines.


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