range in Minnesota: see MesabiMesabi
, range of low hills, NE Minn., once famous for its extensive iron ore deposits. The ores were found in a belt c.110 mi (180 km) long and from 1 to 3 mi (1.6–4.
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Cuyuna Regional Medical Center is planning to introduce a ribbon cutting ceremony in Crosby, Minn.
Other sources credit it with a 21-kW Cuyuna engine, a loiter speed of 145 km/h and an endurance of eight hours.
across the state's Cuyuna, Mesabi and Vermilion iron ranges to the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Based on the success of the wireless solution there, we installed similar networks in mid-2001 in the surgical areas at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center in neighboring Crosby and Riverwood Hospital and Healthcare Center in Aitkin.
The Cuyuna engines have black fan guards, so paint the tops of their fuel cans black.
To get a new Cuyuna engine along with a mounting kit, order NSN 2805-01-357-6566.
Two Stroke International is solely owned and operated by AMW Cuyuna Engine Co.
The 690 L-70 engine is really the marriage of the way Cuyuna did things and the way AMW did things, and is the first engine that was designed here," said Allen.
The gearbox is a redesign of a gearbox inherited from Cuyuna, and is available in four reduction ratios: 2.
Chi Cheng has joined AMW Cuyuna Engines DBA 2 stroke International as chief engineer in Beaufort, S.