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(inorganic chemistry)
A salt or ester of cyanic acid containing the radical CNO.



a salt or ester of cyanic acid. Cyanate salts, unlike cyanic acid, are very stable compounds: for example, sodium cyanate, NaOCN, has a melting point of 550°C, and potassium cyanate, KOCN, decomposes without melting only at 700°C.

The cyanate salts of the alkali metals are soluble in water and insoluble in alcohol and ether. They are produced by the oxidation of the corresponding cyanides by atmospheric oxygen or by the lead oxides PbO or PbO2. They are used in various syntheses, for example, in the production of semicarbazide. Ammonium cyanate, NH4OCN, which was used by F. Wöhler in the first successful synthesis (1828) of an organic compound (urea) from an inorganic compound, may be obtained in an exchange reaction from silver cyanate and ammonium chloride.

Esters of cyanic acid exist in two isomeric forms: ROCN and RNCO. The cyanate esters (ROCN) do not have practical importance, while isocyanates (RNCO) are used in industry for the production of polyurethanes and herbicides. (SeeISOCYANATES.)


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It also resulted in information about the flow of cyanate and ammonia in the causticizing plants of the three mills, including the flow of ammonia with vent gases from recausticizing.
From my civilian training, I knew that any cyanate material was a health hazard.
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oxalate) [greater than] cyanate [greater than] carbonate [greater than] iodide [greater than] bromide [greater than] chloride [greater than] sulfate [greater than] phosphate.
The standard hydraulic lamination recommended for cyanate resin systems is used for normal lamination using Speedboard C prepreg.
At least two strong polymers called cyanate ester resins approach the FAA's long-term goal of total fire resistance.
These foams use cyanate ester resins with low moisture absorption and outgassing characteristics that make them suitable for radio frequency and space applications.
Primaset PT Resins are specialized high-temperature thermosetting resins used in powder coatings with a phenol-formaldehyde cyanate ester base, in abrasive paper as bonding agents, in composites, and in prepregs.
The cyanide reacts with ozone to form cyanate ions, this cyanate then hydrolyses to form carbonate and ammonium ions.
He was simply heating ammonium cyanate, which was accepted as a definitely inorganic substance, when he found crystals forming that resembled those of urea, which was the chief manmalian waste product disposed of in urine (including human urine).