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name applied in the New World to members of the wood warbler family (Parulidae) and in the Old World to a large family (Sylviidae) of small, drab, active songsters, including the hedge sparrow, the kinglet, and the tailorbird of SE Asia, Orthotomus sutorius,
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5 57 O, A, G 4 Dacnis venusta R 16 VO + O, A, G Dacnis cayana R 13 VO, T 20 360 O, A, G 4 Chlorophanes spiza R 18 VO, T 9 162 O, A, G 4 Cyanerpes lucidus R 12 VO, T 12 144 F, A, G 4 Cyanerpes cyaneus R 13 VO, T 8 104 F, A, G 4 Euphonia luteicapilla V 12 VO + F, A, G Euphonia laniirostris R 15 SM 1 30 F, A, G 2 Euphonia fulvicrissa R 11 SM 10 220 O, A, G 1 2 Euphonia minuta R 11 VO, T 0.
El Gavilan Bobo (Buteo platypterus) fue la especie mas afectada, seguida por Corvus nasicus, Cyanerpes cyaneus, Geotrygon montana, Priotelus temnurus, Gymnoglaux lawrencii, Accipiter gundlachi y Accipiter striatus.