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Registering an Internet domain name that sounds similar to a widely known company or product. For example, if were a popular clothing site, a cybersquatter might register and hope to rank high on a search engine's results page, also by including related words in the hidden tags of its Web pages. The site might sell a competitive product or make money from ads (see domain parking).

Instead of registering similar-sounding names, cybersquatters might register the common misspellings of popular domain names (see URL hijacking).

Anti-Cybersquatting: ACPA and UDRP
In 1999, the U.S. government passed the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA), which enables trademark holders to obtain civil damages up to USD $100,000 from cybersquatters. While not directly outlawing cybersquatting, it was an attempt to improve the situation.

Also in 1999, ICANN created the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) to resolve cybersquatting disputes. If not resolved, trademark holders may still take legal action under ACPA. For more information, visit See URL hijacking, page hijacking and domaining.
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Apart from blatant cyber squatting or cyber griping, genuine disputes may also arise (Smith, 2002, p76).
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use of domain names, cyber squatting, meta tags); missappropriation of trade secrets (i.
Martha Kimes: "People are waiting to see how cyber squatting issues will change as ICANN offers new gTLDs.
Cyber squatting is defined as the acquisition of a person's domain name in bad faith to profit, mislead, destroy the reputation and deprive others from registering the same.
The practice, known as cyber squatting, involves registering web addresses in the hope businesses in the future will need to purchase them.
It includes advice, warnings and traps on topics ranging from identifying actionable unfair competition to selecting remedies for fraud claims to defending against cyber squatting.
A number of North-East organisations have fallen victim to cyber squatting, including rugby league team Gateshead Thunder and now-defunct Newcastle-based airline Gill Airways.
A mong the many distasteful way of making money - wheel clamping, tax collecting, and estate agency - we can now add cyber squatting.
Cyber squatting is becoming an issue for businesses large and small.
He has represented numerous companies, both large and small, in the prosecution and defense of claims for trademark and trade dress infringement, trademark counterfeiting, trademark dilution, cyber squatting, copyright infringement and false advertising.
This authentication process is intended to eliminate the common practice of cyber squatting that has made searching the .