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(artificial intelligence)
A large knowledge-based system.

Cyc is a very large, multi-contextual knowledge base and inference engine, the development of which started at the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas during the early 1980s.

Over the past eleven years the members of the Cyc team, lead by Doug Lenat, have added to the knowledge base a huge amount of fundamental human knowledge: facts, rules of thumb, and heuristics for reasoning about the objects and events of modern everyday life.

Cyc is an attempt to do symbolic AI on a massive scale. It is not based on numerical methods such as statistical probabilities, nor is it based on neural networks or fuzzy logic. All of the knowledge in Cyc is represented declaratively in the form of logical assertions. Cyc presently contains approximately 400,000 significant assertions, which include simple statements of fact, rules about what conclusions to draw if certain statements of fact are satisfied, and rules about how to reason with certain types of facts and rules. The inference engine derives new conclusions using deductive reasoning.

To date, Cyc has made possible ground-breaking pilot applications in the areas of heterogeneous database browsing and integration, captioned image retrieval, and natural language processing.

In January of 1995, a new independent company named Cycorp was created to continue the Cyc project. Cycorp is still in Austin, Texas. The president of Cycorp is Doug Lenat.

The development of Cyc has been supported by several organisations, including Apple, Bellcore, DEC, DoD, Interval, Kodak, and Microsoft.

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In the presented research we are using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches to the ontology extension and apply it on Cyc ontology.
These include use of mesna for protection against urothelial toxicity, antifungal prophylaxis, and prophylaxis against Pneumocystis jiroveci, consideration for Staphylococcus aureus treatment, screening for cervical malignancy, counseling about infertility with CYC, screening for tuberculosis, and vaccination and assessment for osteoporosis, along with cardiovascular and thromboembolic risk assessment.
The eleven agencies that provided for programming as part of MISYP included Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, Community Educational Services, CYC, Horizons Unlimited, I.
Therefore, the only possible cause for the hepatitis seems to be the CYC therapy in our patient.
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Among the under-12s Treharris Western crushed Fochriw Youth 8-1, while Cascade CYC finished as 7-1 victors over Penydarren BC.
Lenat thinks that if Cyc (short for encyclopedia) can work out the consequences of all that information, it will be able to understand the world.
Offsetting factors are the volatility of technical results and potential further deterioration from Spanish trade credit business written through CyC.
CYC require the lead architect to provide general project support and co-ordinate of all members of design team and liaise with CYC~s operating partner;?
AMG Studios also features a full 25' White Cyc Wall, a 15' Cyc Green Screen, a full lighting grid, an in-house editing bay, on-site equipment for rental, and a full size roll up door for easy accessibility.