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They will usually start producing new leaves and flower buds soon thereafter, and thus you will have recycled your cyclamens.
Similarly, cyclamen look great bunched together as their colours are so dazzling and in other pots I have gone for more muted colour schemes, such as the Carex 'Everest' mixed with Skimmia 'white dwarf '.
LOOK in garden centres for new season plants like the dwarf Cyclamen Miracle to replace tired summer bedding.
Cyclamen is a perennial tuberous plant that is most often grown as an annual, and is typically discarded some time in the spring.
The tender, indoor kinds of cyclamen, as well as poinsettias, Christmas cactus and bowls of bulbs will need watering more often but no plants grow as vigorously in winter as in summer, and annuals like cineraria will die if overwatered.
African violets (pictured) as well as cyclamen, must be watered from beneath, and bulbs suffer if the compost is allowed to dry out.
The cyclamen, incidentally, is the only winter-flowering pot plant which appreciates being fed while actually in bloom.
Other plants which look great in silver planters include the attractive purple evergreen heuchera Stormy Seas, along with silver-leaved convolvulus cneorum and pink cyclamen persicum which flowers in autumn or early spring.