Thermodynamic Cycle

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thermodynamic cycle

[¦thər·mō·dī′nam·ik ′sī·kəl]
A procedure or arrangement in which some material goes through a cyclic process and one form of energy, such as heat at an elevated temperature from combustion of a fuel, is in part converted to another form, such as mechanical energy of a shaft, the remainder being rejected to a lower temperature sink. Also known as heat cycle.

Cycle, Thermodynamic


a cycle that is completed by a thermodynamic system. The cycles studied in thermodynamics are combinations of various thermodynamic processes, primarily isothermal, adiabatic, isobaric, and isochoric processes.

Figure 1. Thermodynamic cycles in volume (V)-pressure (p) coordinates: (a) the Carnot cycle, (b) the Clapeyron cycle, (c) the Clausius-Rankine cycle

The Carnot cycle (Figure 1, a), the Clapeyron cycle (Figure 1, b), and the Clausius-Rankine cycle (Figure l,c; seeRANKINE CYCLE) are some of the thermodynamic cycles that have played an important role in the evolution of the general principles of thermodynamics and in the development of engineering applications of thermodynamics. Such thermodynamic cycles have been used to study general regularities of the operation of heat engines— that is, internal-and external-combustion engines and turbines— and refrigeration units. (See; STIRLING ENGINE; and WANKEL ENGINE.)

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In order to implement nation branding cyclic process, officials will prepare strategies and plans pertaining to brand proposition development to highlight Pakistan's positive image on the international front.
This cyclic process usually leads to improvement over time.
The lesions usually appear in crops that resolve within 2-8 weeks with or without scarring, and can continue this cyclic process for months to years.
This continuous cyclic process repeats to maintain set temperature.
They further said that the process of research, technology and innovation needs to be recognized as a cyclic process rather than a linear process in order extend benefits of innovations to societies.
Beginning on the left side of the diagram (with the items under the FORSCOM heading), arrows flow toward the right and back, signifying that this is a cyclic process involving the integration of feedback from the field to address various FORSCOM concerns.
The process of critical hermeneutic data analysis had three stages, each of which was informed sequentially by Lewin's (1948) cyclic process of action i.
This is a process of a broad strategic importance for the company and of great complexity, with tasks where the executor is doing many transactions, cyclic process flows with several threads, and control center tasks, etc.
The meaning of this in the scientific algorithm for the department of human resources is to confirm its activities, in their total frames by constituting a cyclic process.
Cat K is highly expressed in osteoclasts, the cells responsible for bone resorption during the cyclic process of bone remodelling.
However, dissipation, driven primarily by the discontinuities in deformation resulting in different stretch states in the two free portions of the belt, will still be expected to occur in a cyclic process.
The best statement science can make today is that we still don't know if a thirty-year cyclic process is at work, but it is almost certain that global warming of the surface ocean layers is at least partly responsible for the recent enhancement of hurricane intensity.

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