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Rate of Fire


the ability of a given weapon to fire a specific number of shots per unit of time (usually one minute).

A distinction is made between the maximum and effective rate of fire. The maximum rate of fire of an automatic weapon (the cycle rate) is defined as the maximum number of shots per unit of time that the mechanism of a given model of a weapon permits. The effective rate of fire is defined as the number of aimed shots that is practically possible per unit of time from a particular weapon when taking into account the time for loading, aiming, changing settings, and so on. The effective rate of fire depends on the maximum rate of fire, the level of training of the rifleman or squad, the degree of automation of loading, and other factors. In view of this, the effective rate is always lower than the maximum rate. The desire to increase the effective rate of fire led to the introduction of automatic weapons.

Table 1. Maximum and effective rates of fire of certain types of weapons
 Rate of fire (number of shots per minute)
Submachine gun..............400–1,00040–120
Automatic rifle ...............400–90040–65
Light machine gun.............500–1,00060–150
Heavy machine gun............600–800150–300
Antiaircraft machine gun.........500–1,00080–300
Automatic antiaircraft gun........200–1,000200–1,000
Howitzer, cannon, recoilless gun ....2–6
Mortar ....................5–25


rate of fire

The number of rounds fired per weapon per minute. The term is applicable to guns, cannons, and rockets.
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Rifles with a low port pressure can still have high cyclic rates if the gas port is big enough.
Still, somewhere in the three years between each weapon's development 11936-1939), the Japanese military decided to up the cyclic rate.
This reduces the recoil impulse on the reciprocating parts, drops the cyclic rate and provides the ZBvz26 with one of its two most distinguishing characteristics: an extremely long gas cylinder.
While used to a minor extent by the Waffen SS during World War II, with a cyclic rate of 900 rpm it is almost uncontrollable except at extremely close ranges.
During this time period, the SBF positions are firing either at the rapid or cyclic rates of Are depending on the enemy situation.
In Vietnam the US Army demanded extremely high cyclic rates for suppressive fire.
The PM-63 is relatively easy to control since its cyclic rate is 600 rounds per minute, and its integral shoulder stock and fold-down front pistol grip allow the shooter to keep it on target relatively well.
This was a need for a production test machine, where 100 percent of products produced were tested at speeds up to 6,000 rpm and torsional vibration tested at 2,000 rpm over the range of [+ or -] 5 percent of set speed, Production test cyclic rate was 60 Hz and inertia was approximately equal to 1 lb-[ft.
A hundred yards of blasting caps, strung together with det cord, approximating the cyclic rate of fire of the 20mm gun mounted on our nose.
A high cyclic rate doesn't buy you anything," said Evancoe.
He stated that the Combat Commander had a faster cyclic rate and that standard springs probably had trouble keeping up with its slide.
Pumping speed in diaphragm pumps is controlled by the total volume (swept volume) of the pumping head's internal volume and the cyclic rate of expansion/contraction cycles.

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