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The architecture is characterised by an exposition of cyclical form, while the sonic texture and instrumental colours are marked by a number of striking deviations from the traditional orchestration of a symphonic score.
Kabelac always respected the basic parameters of the symphony genre as petrified by tradition: primarily, that it is an instrumental form conceived of in ensembles, then its cyclical form, gravity and high universality of content including a fundamental inclination to a dramatic treatment of the subject, and finally, monumental ambitions of all the crucial parameters: form, sound distribution in space, expression and content.
Franck's use of cyclical form, so familiar from his D Minor Symphony, helped to unify the various movements of the piece.
There's something about great blues guitar riffs - despite the genre's cyclical form - that is addictive.
But in the world we live in today, with Brazil assuming the place it is assuming, we can't have this kind of cyclical form of engagement.
Next it will be Corrie - it's a cyclical form of soap bashing.
191) of the cyclical form as an ideal resolution of the opposed views of the world, both ordered and random, a dual perspective that is implied by discontinuities, 'oscillation' and 'fractures', between 'poetic construction' and 'prosaic deconstruction' (p.
But neither is there any trace of the larger-scale Ottoman cyclical form, the fasil, the existence, let alone the nature of which, could not be inferred merely from the frequent inclusion of the word (with the general meaning `section') in the heading for each mode block.
Perhaps the most unexpected conclusion, one that contradicts the findings of those who probably concentrate too much on the cyclical form, is that 'die Rahmenerza hlung [.
Stacked blocks, looping lines, and cyclical forms echoed throughout the exhibition, implying an underlying formal logic of layering and repetition that was explicit in the digital projection Live (Wild, Animal, Disco, Deviant), 2016.
with cyclical forms, the dominant temporality in the stylistic texture.
The Fed has established several means to measure cyclical forms of systemic risk.