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The researchers studied different organic phases (limonene, pinene, ethyl isovalerate, ethyl butyrate, hexanal and cyclopentanone) and one aqueous phase (0.1 M acetate buffer at pH 5.5).
Sotak, Bio-derived fuel additives from furfural and cyclopentanone, doi:10.1016/j.fuproc.2015.06.036, Fuel Process.
For cyclopentanone, these peak solubilities are even higher and for PP and PETG at low blend levels, the peak values exceed the 2 [MPa.sup.1/2] threshold which is used to predict moderate to high swelling.
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Cyclopentanone, methyl iodide, potassium tert-butoxide, 4,4'-bipyridyl (Aldrich), carbon disulfide, and nickel(ii) chloride (J.
An equimolar mixture of semicarbazide (4) (0.001mole) and the appropriate aldehyde or ketone namely; p-chlorobenzaldehyde, p- hydroxybenzaldehyde, cyclopentanone and cycloheptanone (5a-d), respectively, in 25 mL of ethanol containing 1 mL of glacial AcOH was refluxed in each case for 12 h.
Electrophilic cyclopentanone neuroprostanes are anti-inflammatory mediators formed from the peroxidation of the [omega]-3 polyunsaturated fatty docosahexaenoic acid.
Solvay announces the upgrade of RhodiasolvA CPT.XP, its cyclopentanone electronics grade.
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Methyl jasmonate (MJ), our focus in this review, is a natural cyclopentanone lipid (Figure 1) belonging to the jasmonates (JAs) family of plant oxylipin stress hormones (oxygenated fatty acids).
We also continued our tests with three component Strecker reaction catalyzed by nano copper ferrite (Cu[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4]) with AcOH, and the results showed that among acetophenone (78%) and cyclic ketones, cyclopentanone (75%), and cycloheptanone (72%), the yields were less in comparison with benzaldehydes Table 5, entries 11-13.
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