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Lots of *very* horny Cane #Toads (Rhinella marina) trying to mate with a large Olive #Python (Liasis olivaceus), with Giant Burrowing Frogs (Cyclorana australis) & Red Tree #Frogs (Litoria rubella) calling in the background!" she said.
1997: Sensory modulation and behavioral choice during feeding in the Australian frog, Cyclorana novaehollandiae.
Skeletal muscle atrophy occurs slowly and selectively during prolonged aestivation in Cyclorana alboguttata (Gunther 1867).
But, when it comes to switching to energy-saving mode, the champion by far among vertebrates is the burrowing frog (Cyclorana alboguttata), which can survive for several years buried in the mud in the absence of any food or water.
In this way, the Australian water-holding frog (Cyclorana platycephala) can survive up to seven years without rain.
An Australian water-holding frog (a Cyclorana species) is able to absorb enough water to last for months or even years of drought.