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A disposition marked by alterations of mood between elation and depression out of proportion to apparent external events and stimulated, rather, by internal factors.
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the term used in Soviet psychiatry to designate a mild form of manic-depressive psychosis. In other countries the same term is used in psychiatry to designate a variation from the psychic norm—namely, a predisposition to manic-depressive psychosis. The term “cyclothymic constitution” refers to one of the Kretschmer personality types (after the German psychiatrist E. Kretschmer, 1888–1964). As used by the German psychiatrist K. Schneider (1887–1967), the term “cyclothymia” may also refer to all manic-depressive states, ranging from slight fluctuations in mood to pronounced psychotic manifestations.

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According to the Mayo Clinic ( 'Cyclothymia has a strong genetic root and symptoms alternate between emotional highs and lows.
Comorbid disorders for pathological gambling include substance use disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), antisocial, narcissistic, and borderline personality disorders, depression, cyclothymia, and bipolar disorder (Phillips 2005).
(1) Comorbidities of >50% with generalized anxiety disorder, 25% with cyclothymia, 30% with drug abuse, and 34% with alcohol abuse/dependence have been cited, (2, 3) therefore opportunities for misdiagnoses within this cohort abound.
Jan suffers from cyclothymia, a form of bipolar disorder that can cause a manic high and then send her crashing down to deep depression in just hours.
In 20 chapters, a group of mental health specialists from Europe, North America, and Australia discuss the treatment of mania, the pharmacological treatment of bipolar depression, general guidelines, psychosocial interventions, physical treatments, the early stages of illness, treating the elderly and women, physical health issues, associated anxiety, co-morbidities with addictions, management of cyclothymia, sleep considerations, quality of life and psychosocial functioning, integrated care, training and assessment issues, and brain imaging.
(43) Other common diagnoses include less serious mood disorders (dysthymia, cyclothymia), adjustment disorders, and personality disorders.
The role of cyclothymia in atypical depression: Toward a data-based reconceptualization of the borderline-bipolar II connection.
Subjects with a current or past episodes of psychotic (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform disorder or atypical psychosis) or affective disorder (bipolar disorder, major depression, cyclothymia) and those who have T-scores more than 70 on scales L or K or more than 80 on scale F were not included in the study (see explanations in section Assessment Instruments).
(15) Schizoaffective disorder, cyclothymia, dysthymia, major depression and schizotypal personality disorder are other psychiatric disorders associated with VCFS.