Cylindrical Coordinates

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cylindrical coordinates

[sə′lin·drə·kəl ‚kō′ȯrd·ən·əts]
A system of curvilinear coordinates in which the position of a point in space is determined by its perpendicular distance from a given line, its distance from a selected reference plane perpendicular to this line, and its angular distance from a selected reference line when projected onto this plane.

Cylindrical Coordinates


The cylindrical coordinates of a point M are the three numbers r, θ, and z characterizing the position of M in space (see Figure 1). The coordinates are called cylindrical because the coordinate surface r = const is a cylinder

Figure 1

whose elements are parallel to the z-axis. The relation between the cylindrical coordinates and the rectangular coordinates x, y, and z of M is given by the equations x = r cos θ, y = r sin θ, and z = z.

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To do it, persons in images are represented by a cylindrical model, and cylindrical coordinates of local features are then used in computing similarity between local features.
2] is axisymmetric Laplace operator in cylindrical coordinate (r and z stand for radial and axial coordinates).
Due to the nature of the origin of the blood flow into the blood vessels which is imposed by the heart pumping blood into the circulatory system we shall consider non-convection acceleration axi- symmetric viscous incompressible pressure driven Navier-Stokes equations in cylindrical coordinates coupled with the Camenschi-Fung type elastic membrane equations [1 2 16].
The rectangular and the bipolar cylindrical coordinates are related by (13), (22):
where (R, [phi], z) are the usual cylindrical coordinates.
is Fourier transform variable in cylindrical coordinates (p, [[phi].
Considering a local cylindrical coordinate system ([rho], [phi], z) centered in [r'.
Aki and Richards [3] summarized studies of elastic waves generated by seismic sources, where surface wave terms of Green's tensor have been calculated in cylindrical coordinates in the case of a vertically heterogeneous half space.
ABSTRACT: This note describes a method of evaluating a corner flow of an incompressible fluid in cylindrical coordinates with suction.