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the scientific study of dogs. Cynology studies the anatomy and physiology of the dog (including regularities of higher nervous activity and behavior) and the origin and evolution of domestic breeds. It explores the raising, breeding, feeding, and general care of dogs. Cynology also studies the training and use of dogs as pets and for various work purposes, such as hunting, herding, guarding, and tracking. Cynology is the basis of contemporary dog raising.

In the USSR, cynology is taught in the departments of hunting at higher and secondary institutions of learning. Cynological research is conducted at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Hunting and Fur Farming. Extensive work in cynology is carried out by service dog clubs of the All-Union Voluntary Society for Cooperation with the Army, Air Force, and Navy (DOSAAF) and by the cynological sections of hunting societies. Leadership is provided by the Central Service Dog Club of DOSAAF and by the All-Union Cynological Council of the Central Board for Forest and Wildlife Reservations and Hunting Areas of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR. These organizations also establish the standards for dog breeds that are raised in the USSR; they set up the regulations of cynological work.

The International Cynological Federation, with members from cynological institutions of 34 countries, has a scientific commission dealing with the study of dogs. The International Cynological Federation consists of cynological organizations from ten countries.


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Even if the use of the word vilkUunis is considered to be very colloquial, non-professional and misleading (as dogs called vilkUunis--wolfish dog in Lithuanian in most cases have nothing to do with wolves), still it is widespread, and its connotation for the speakers not involved in professional cynology is very clear.
The translator must possess considerable knowledge of cynology vocabulary or seek for a professional advice in order to produce a correct translation of dog breeds from English into Lithuanian and Russian, and vice versa.
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