squaw root

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blue cohosh

blue cohosh

Woman’s herb that improves contractions during labor, makes menstruation more regular, alleviates heavy bleeding and pain (uterine, ovarian anti-inflammatory). It’s a uterine stimulant so do not take during pregnancy, could cause abortion. Also used for urinary tract infections, lung problems, cramps, epilepsy, Irritating to mucus membranes. From the single stalk rising from the ground, there is a single, large, three-branched leaf plus a fruiting stalk. Bluish-green leaflets are tulip-shaped, entire at the base, but serrate at the tip. Berries are poisonous. Roots only parts used. Usually never grows over 2 feet tall (.6m) See also Black Cohosh. Do not use if pregnant. Take very small amounts, preferably together with black cohosh. Test first.
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