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An abnormal mass of lymphatic vessels.
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a tumor of the lymphatic vessels.

Most lymphangiomas represent defects of development. They may be localized in any part of the body and its organs and tissues, but they are found most often in the neck, skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, or retroperitoneal space (less frequently, in the liver, spleen, or kidneys). They appear as soft swellings of various dimensions in the skin or subcutaneous tissue and seem to disappear when pressed. Lymphangiomas grow slowly. They become inflamed readily. Treatment is surgical.

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Nuchal tissue was severely fragmented in all but 2 of the 68 specimens (97%) in which cystic hygroma or nuchal edema was seen on prenatal ultrasonography.
For this reason, we describe a case of adult cervical cystic hygroma along with literature discussion for better understanding of disease process in adult and optimal management options.
Although our case had an intrahepatic drainage of the umbilical vein, it was associated with cystic hygroma and hydrops fetalis.
There are reports of a pathological deficiency in the longitudinal muscle layer within the wall of the SVC, as well as an association with cystic hygromas [8].
Initial differential diagnosis on basis of clinical appearance and examination consisted of cystic hygroma and lipoma.
In the absence of typical imaging features (i.e daughter cysts floating membranes) differentials include cystic hygroma cystic lymphangioma cold abscess chronic haematoma dermoid / epidermal cyst etc.
Cystic hygroma (CH) or hygroma colli is characterized by abnormal accumulation of fluid in the region of the fetal neck and is one of the major anomalies associated with aneuploidy (1,2).
Objective: To study the outcome of intralesional sclerotherapy with injection Bleomycin in cystic hygroma in children.
Patients could either choose Panorama or First Screen, as First Screen tests for cystic hygroma. If they wanted the alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) test for spina bifida, or if they wanted a Level 2 sonogram, we would still offer Panorama.
Mulliken and colleagues who suggested the term 'cystic lymphatic malformation' as more appropriate than lymphangioma, subdivided lymphangioma into microcystic (lymphangioma, verrucous hemangioma and angiokeratoma circumscriptum) and macrocystic (cystic hygroma and cavernous hemangioma).1