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see Czech RepublicCzech Republic,
Czech Česká Republika, or Czechia
, Czech Česko, republic (2005 est. pop. 10,241,000), 29,677 sq mi (78,864 sq km), central Europe.
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The Germans, on the other hand, now generally refer to us formally and cumbersomely as Die Tschechische Republik (the Czech Republic) because German officials found themselves using Tschechei (a derogatory term from World War II) instead of the more dignified and politically correct term Tschechien (which is the equivalent to Czechia in English).
Thermostat for gelation: TECHNE Dri-Block[R] DB 3A, Spain; supercritical drying was performed on a self-completed equipment consisting of high-pressure pump HPP 4001, Czechia, thermostat: Intersmat IGC 121 C FL, France, and high-pressure 10-mL cell constructed in laboratory.
20 In 1993, after the split from Slovakia, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Czechia should used as the country's new name in all situations other than formal official documents and the full names of government institutions, but it didn't catch on.
While for the analysis of network structures in East Germany (chapter 7), Windolf by and large follows a network analytical approach comprising theoretical and empirical aspects likewise, the analysis of economic structures in Hungary, Poland and Czechia happens almost completely on a qualitative and descriptive basis.
Normative tendencies ARE found in other countries, of which the Low Countries (chapter 120), Russia (chapter 122), Czechia (chapter 122), Poland (chapter 123), Hungary (chapter 124), and Malta (chapter 125) are treated, chapters in which certainly otherwise inaccessible information is summarized.
Patients came from various centers of geographical areas all over the world: Belgium (n = 46), Greece (n = 39), Czechia (n = 7), Argentina (n = 3), and Egypt (n = 5).
Four of the studies are by Hungarian historians (three of whom are already deceased), and four by non-Hungarian scholars, who represent the scholarly worlds of Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria, and Canada.
Was the separation of Czechia from Slovakia necessary?
to provide training to employees of the company ZIMBO Czechia, sro related to their current or expected job
headtechnology Group is also active in Czechia, Slovakia, Rumania, Moldavia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia and other countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, European Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Moldavia, European Russia, European Kazakhstan), Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia), Turkey, Syria, Lebanon.
Jordan is a post-graduate student in the Department of Microenvironmental and Building Services Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czechia.

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