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In 1968, the ruling party adopted an important constitutional law for the Czechoslovak federation, which changed legislative competence in the matters of taxes and fees, according to Marec.
As a senior official in the Czechoslovakian Physical Education Association (1946-1992); President of the Slovak Central Committee of the Czechoslovakian Physical Education Association (1969-1983); and Vice-President of the Czechoslovakian Olympic Committee (1969-1992), he served as Chef de Mission for the Czechoslovak team at the Olympic Winter Games Sapporo 1972, where Ondrej Nepela became the first athlete ever to win a gold medal for his country.
In October 1939, France and the Czech government-in-exile in London (see Part I) signed a treaty creating the Ire Division d'infanterie tchecoslovaque (1st Czechoslovak Infantry Division) in France on January 1, 1940.
The official methodological guidelines for literature were presented by Ladislav Stoll at the plenary session of the Union of Czechoslovak Writers in January 1950.
Despite their importance, the investments of the State in home video culture remain conspicuous by their near-absence from histories of Czechoslovak audiovisual culture of the 1980s.
While Jews' civic equality was formally guaranteed by the Czechoslovak constitution, actual, social and civic equality depended on a broader, public identification of Jews as legitimately belonging in Czechoslovakia.
It is a strange thing," muses James Krapfl, that "most studies of the Czechoslovak revolution of 1989 ignore or marginalize its most important actor: Czechoslovak citizens.
As for the Czechoslovak reform, social scientists have not uncovered much about this topic.
On the occasion of 28 October, Independent Czechoslovak State Day, the Embassy of the Czech Republic hosted a reception at the Cifte Amam National Gallery in Skopje.
It was joined later by Austria, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovak, Hungary, Bulgaria and Israel.
To an unnamed pensioner, "Harlequin's Millions" is the background music for the reckoning of her life, perpetually rewound in a retirement home housed in the one-time castle of Count Spork in the Czechoslovak countryside.