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, Ger. Czernowitz, Romanian Cernauţi, Rus. Chernovtsy, city (1989 pop. 257,000), capital of Chernivtsi region, SW Ukraine, on the Prut River and in the Carpathian foothills.
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, Ukraine.
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At the University of Czernowitz, relatively distant from the political circles of Vienna, Ehrlich developed most of his academic career, working as a professor of Roman law between 1896 and 1914 and even becoming the rector of the university.
Se comprende entonces, en primer lugar, la total indiferencia de Liova en cuanto al debate candente desde la Conferencia de Czernowitz: "a mi francamente, la cuestion que debaten ahora con tanto entusiasmo "idischistas" y "hebraistas" no me interesa" (99).
In "What's Wrong with This Picture?," coauthored by Hirsch and her partner, historian Leo Spitzer, the authors demonstrate how an analog photograph of Hirsch's parents taken in 1942 Czernowitz operates as a "point of memory" and instrument of transmitting the parents' trauma (61).
I trace how the category of child survivors came to be recognized in Holocaust historiography and identify specific characteristics of child survivors' memoirs as reflected in the writing of Aharon Appelfeld (born near Czernowitz in 1932).
El aleman no era la lengua hablada en la Czernowitz natal de Celan; John Felstiner, en la biografia que consagro al poeta, cita el testimonio de uno de los companeros de colegio: "No poseiamos una lengua natural [...] hablar buen aleman era algo que tenias que lograr.
In military circles, it was "believed that the Russians are already in Hungary and that their left flank is about to commence operations in the region of Czernowitz."
"Wie studiert man Sozialwissenschaft?" In: Schriften des Sozialwissenschaftlichen Vereins in Czernowitz (pp.
Born in Radautz, in the Bukovina region of Romania not far from Celan's birthplace of Czernowitz, Pagis entered the "concentrationary universe" as a nine-year-old and preserved in his taut poetic lines the detritus of his childhood: an Underwood typewriter, a grandfather clock, fragments of scriptures, of jokes, of truncated conversations.
See Rosenthal, Bianca (1991), "Alfred Margul-Sperber: Ein Deutscher Dichter aus Storozinetz bei Czernowitz," Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts 68: 41-58.
In Hirsch's case, her parents strolled down their prewar main street Herrengasse in Czernowitz, which later became Iancu Flondor in Romanian Cernauti, and is today Kobylanska in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.