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, Ger. Czernowitz, Romanian Cernauţi, Rus. Chernovtsy, city (1989 pop. 257,000), capital of Chernivtsi region, SW Ukraine, on the Prut River and in the Carpathian foothills.
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, Ukraine.
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The Czernowitz Conference: Contexts, Ironies, and the Verdict of Jewish History".
coauthored by Hirsch and her partner, historian Leo Spitzer, the authors demonstrate how an analog photograph of Hirsch's parents taken in 1942 Czernowitz operates as a "point of memory" and instrument of transmitting the parents' trauma (61).
Appelfeld was interned in 1941 in the Czernowitz ghetto after his mother was killed and then he was placed on a forced march across Ukraine to a labor camp from Transnistria in the fall of 1941 along his father.
Khazanovitsh, who had been a participant as a member of Poalei Tsion in the 1908 Czernowitz Conference for the Yiddish Language and, along with Ester Frumkin of the Bund, had contributed to the conference's turmoil, places Birnbaum in context with the figure he knew as a secular nationalist.
In Hirsch's case, her parents strolled down their prewar main street Herrengasse in Czernowitz, which later became Iancu Flondor in Romanian Cernauti, and is today Kobylanska in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
There area[bar] thousands of survivors who were in ghettos that were not closed, such as in Czernowitz, Romania and many places in Bulgaria, among other Nazi-allied countries," JCC explained.
Iryna Vikyrchak, poet and director of The International Poetry Festival Meridian Czernowitz, Ukraine.
In fact, because it was spoken by millions of Jews, Yiddish was declared "a Jewish national language" at a landmark conference on Yiddish held in Czernowitz in 1908 (Berdichevsky 2004: 17-18).
When Paul Celan arrived in Vienna late in 1947 he had come, via Bucharest and Budapest, from Czernowitz, once an outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire where his parents were part of a German-speaking enclave.
Born in Czernowitz, the capital of the Bukovina (now part of the Ukraine and Romania), in 1920, Paul Celan grew up in a Jewish family that insisted on the young Paul receiving the best secular education --with the mother inculcating her love of the German language and culture--as well as knowledge of his Jewish roots.
Quebec, Chula Vista, Brownsville, Suresnes, Monte Carlo, Czernowitz [.
In the overwhelming encounter with Sachs things were much more complex and it stands in contrast with his detachment from the Czernowitz poet Margul-Sperber.